Greenlee County gifts and goodies :)

This is a SELLING group only!! All other non selling related post will be deleted.

*4* items PER person on page at a time!! you may only bump each of these 4 items 1x a day!!!

ONE picture per item! We DO NOT all need to see fronts and backs of items. If someone is interested in seeing those parts then you may exchange numbers or do it thru private messaging.

DELETE your post when its sold NOT when item is picked up. If person doesn't pick up the item after you feel its been long enough you may then repost the item! *KEEP IN MIND* don't just delete from the timeline you must also delete in the picture folder as well. If the same picture is found more then once in the albums you will ONLY get *1* warning then you will be deleted.

I understand we all tried to do it without rules but people have turned this place into somewhere its no fun to buy in! So for the sake of others PLEASE follow the SIMPLE rules that are set or you will be deleted!!

Please do NOT SPAM your group, Facebook group or post links to websites outside of Facebook. All posts will be deleted.

Also, if you are NOT 18 years and over, please DO NOT send a request to join, you will be denied!