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Welcome to the Classifieds group, for foreigners (and Brazilians) who are working, living or travelling in Brazil. Affiliated with the website (

1. Only Personal Ads allowed, such as buy/sell, jobs, rentals etc.
2. No business ads allowed ie. you cannot use this space to promote your business or service.
3. Please include all details in your original post such as price, deadlines, photos, and especially location.
4. No repeat posts, or artificially bumping posts.
5. You can search for posts that no longer appear by using the search tool (magnifying glass) on the top right-hand side, under the cover photo.
6. While we will try to ensure the veracity of all posts, we are not responsible for any transactions made through this page, so buyers beware.
2. Abusive posts (including flooding) or spam are not permitted in this group - you'll get one warning and then be banned

If you spot a problem post then report it, or link my name in a comment, or send me a message.