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Publication Policies of this facebook-group:

The group is open for all members of any gender, religion, caste and political inclinations to post apolitical articles related to their ground activities, innovative thoughts on social issues following the constructive attitude and constructive criticism carrying humble language.

All posts are screened by the Ground Report India group personnels to control the flood of email-notifications to the inboxes of the members.

The posts are not approved of categories as:---
- Politically inclined articles / Political advertisements
- Unparliamentary language / Abusive language
- Articles based on hate for any religion, caste, gender, age-group, region etc
- Commercial advertisements / Company or product advertisements
- Page or group advertisements
- Violating ethical values of the copyrights by copying poems, stories, jokes etc
- Abuses to the government systems without genuine and authentic facts

If you could not write constructive, positive, thoughtful, constructive-criticism and humanity based articles, please restrict yourself as the humble reader.

Thank you
Vivek U Glendenning "Nomad"
The Chief Editor & The Founder

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