Trance Music Appreciation Society

This group started as a small community of people who all share the same passion for Trance music and has now become the largest #TranceFamily in Australia, and one of the largest Trance music groups on Facebook. Our aim is to unite Trance lovers from all over the world.

2. Limit self-promotion.
3. Please report spam/advertising.
4. Spammers will be banned permanently.
5. Drug-related posts will be deleted and user banned permanently. Please see information regarding ecstasy below*
6. Don't be an elitist but please try to keep things Trance.
7. Inappropriate trolling will be deleted.
8. Any suspected fake accounts will be deleted.
9. No Scalping -If selling tickets for events, price (reasonable) and location must be included or the post will be deleted. Additionally, if the price is above that of the original sale price for an unreasonable amount the post will be deleted and person will be banned.
10. Frequent/duplicate posts will be deleted.

*In the interests of public safety, if you are going to take ecstasy:
1. Test your drugs- kits are cheap and available from websites such as (remember that overdoses almost always come from substances in the pill that are not MDMA).
2. Check your drug on a website such as
3. Take pure MDMA capsules if you can find them, instead of pills
4. stay hydrated (250-500ml water per hour)
5. To be extra safe, take a bit, see how you feel after an hour then take more if you wish.
6. Take supplements before and after to reduce your comedown symptoms and maximise your experience. Details of these can be found at:
7. Ideally leave 3 months minimum between doses.
8. Stay educated on the research surrounding ecstasy:

If you find a post or comment offensive or believe something doesn't belong in the group, please report it to an admin by clicking on the top right of it and then click 'Report Post' or inbox one of the admins with a screen shot of your issue or any other questions.

Current admins are:

Lorin Pearce
Dejan Ristic
Technica Pace
Danny Phipps
Will McClure
Dylan Thomas Brooks
TomTom Rothwell
Ryan DjTonto MacDonald
Taylor Toiler Topperwien
Melissa Ong

Noteworthy Members:
Marlo (Marlo Hoogstraten)
Jano (Janette Hoogstraten)
Ian Standerwick
Chris Schweizer
Luke Bond
Nick Arbor
Thomas Knight
Simon Lovell

Website coming soon: