FB Group Admin Help


This group was created for group admins to share information on how to help their groups. All group types are welcome here as we all are having the same types of problems! Sometimes we need fresh eyes or new ideas so we are Admins helping other Admins. :)

You will get a private message when you request to join from an Admin. Please remember to check your other folder for it.

Helpful images and tips are located in the Photos & Files sections. ALL photos must be posted into the appropriate album(s). Do NOT post single photos because it takes time for us to delete them with a group of 6000+ members. If you have a question with a screenshot or something, post the question and then add the photo in the 'Comment' section so that it is visible, but does not post into the group. Do NOT take the info here and start your own help group and claim it as your material - that is disrespectful to our members & Admins. You will be found out. Please post your questions, etc. on the wall for others to answer. Also, please utilize the search feature, check the albums and Files.

Please feel free to add anything about groups that you have found or created that will be useful to other Admins! Post into the correct album(s).

We do not post group links or "Like" pages, contests, causes, etc. They will be deleted without notice! We are actual admins who care about our groups and that is our purpose here. Do not post spammer names/profiles - we will delete them. Report them to Facebook, not here. Share tips on how to spot & prevent spam instead.

No spam or illegal activity allowed or you will no longer be a member!!!

Do not post possible scam or virus links that you are wondering about. We will delete them. You can post a screen shot, but do NOT post the live link. We don't want anyone to accidentally or unknowingly click on it. Include a warning!

NO DRAMA, please! Refrain from controversy and unfriendly debate within this group. ***Please do not personally message the Admins of this group except in the case of an emergency. Ask your question on the wall or handle your issues within your own group in your own way. Please do not 'tell' on other Admins or ask us to solve your Admin problems.

*NOTE: Please do not post info about Facebook "Pages" in this Group! This is for Facebook Groups only. If you need "Pages" help, check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/pageadminhelp/?fref=ts !

*NOTE: If you have a group that you are considering closing, please pm one of the group admins first!

DISCLAIMER: The Admin Team is not responsible for inaccurate content, member behaviour, etc. The Admin Team reserves the right to edit or remove content as needed, & can remove members when necessary.