Worldwide Modding

Admin: james cochran
Advertise your cash drops or paid cash or recoveries.
If you want to be legit listed speak to an admin or the owner.
If you wish to buy a console ONLY buy from approved sellers
Be polite with all of your peers
Aside from that, Have fun!

Kye Nunes

James Cochran
Dustin Montgomery

Legit list:
Robert Clarke
Brandon Walker
Brandon Perez
Tyler Obrien
Corey Matthew Berger
Jimmy x modz
Brandon White
Josh Williams
John Mods
Juancito Garcia(instagram followers)
Jose Trevizo
Danny Taylor
Sponge Mods
Nathan neww
James Cochran
Dustin Montgomery
Greg Smith mods
Liam reid
Josh wilson
Superior modz

Legit Kv Sellers:
Patrick Amphlett
Sponge Mods
Ruben Carabajal

Console Sellers:
Patrick Amphlett
Kyle Gray
Tony Mondello

Snowfire tool
Ryan Borland
one of the best tools around

1.No Scamming In this group
2.No pornography
3.No fake advertisement
4.No Advertisement of other groups in this group
5.Don't ask for free mods
6.Do not steal business from other modders!!!

Scammer List:

Ty Dinero
Mod Kings
Austin Allen Jordan
Jason Gotthelango
Saton Kenneth Jamian Evans
Dalton Devos
Kobe Parimore
Abdelrahman Amr
Keshaun Jones
Mitchell Ft Manaia
Locksley Jefferson
Barry Solway
Sandk Mods
webby mods
Gaz Irnbru mods
Rgh Bro
Luke Mods
Jay pretty
Jason Mods
Jason Filmore
Apolly Mods
Jamie Wright