Guhit Pinas - Zambales

Ang grupong ito ay para sa mga lihitimong zambaleño na myembro ng Guhit Pinas Main Group :)

Milálábi tamó ♥

The Guild for Upholding and Harnessing
Indispensable Talents (GUHIT) Pinas promotes the discovery, enhancement, and use of artistic talents as an act of involvement in common campaigns toward economic, political, social, environmental, moral, and spiritual development. In the belief that every person is endowed with certain gifts that distinguish him or her from others or that make him or her the very unique person he or she is, we do not withhold the opportunity of joining the guild and all its endeavors from
anyone who believes in the gifts he or she
possesses. This guild initially and specifically
centers on visual arts, encouraging young
visual artists from all over the country to play
their significant roles in the development of
communities through art. Loaded with
dreams, the founders and pillars of this guild
envision making a difference in the national
and global level as the guild expands. Along
with territorial expansion is the inclusion of talents or potentials other than visual arts in the scope of the guild’s initiatives in the future. Our morals, which root from years of inspiration, shall serve as the bedrock that will keep us together in joys or sorrows. The character that we create along our journey in the guild shall resound throughout the
country and the world, and shall inspire more people to have the same vision and desire for excellence. Art is our life, and through it
the guild lives with a purpose