Guimaras [ɡimaˈɾas] is an island province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Among the smallest provinces, its capital is Jordan. The island is located in the Panay Gulf, between the islands of Panay and Negros. To the northwest is the province of Iloilo and to the southeast is Negros Occidental.

The province includes the islands of Guimaras and Inampulugan and many smaller islands.

Guimaras, considered one of the exotic islands in the Philippines; believed to have been once part of the Panay group of islands. Original name was Himal-us. Once a sub-province of Iloilo, Guimaras was proclaimed as a regular and full-pledged province on May 22, 1992. It has 5 towns, with Jordan town as the capital. Located southwest of Panay Island and northwest of Negros Island, it has a land area of 604.65 sq. km. It has dry and wet season and population is estimated at 117,990. Hiligaynon is the native dialect but the residents also write and speak English and Pilipino, the national language.

The province is basically agricultural with palay, coconut, mango, vegetables, livestock, poultry and fishing as major products. Its major industries are tourism, fruit processing, coconut processing, handicrafts making, mining, quarrying and lime production.


Guimaras is blessed with natural and historical attractions. It has white-sand beaches, falls, springs, off-shore islets, coves and caves.


1. Buenavista Wharf
Built by Lt. Douglas MacArthur in 1903.

2. Punta Blanco & Camp Jossman, Tinadtaran, Buenavista
Target range and military camp were constructed by the United States Army in 1903.


1. Costa Aguada Island Resort
Located at the crocodile shaped Inampulugan Island, it has clean white sand beaches, mini zoo, jungle park. Ideal for horseback riding, snorkeling.

2. Nagarao Island Resort, Jordan
Located at the southern tip of Guimaras; surrounded with sandy beach and growing corals; has 20 cottages, a restaurant and a bar for cold drinks, a fresh water swimming pool. Offers island hopping tours, sailing, excursion and snorkeling in neighbouring islands.

3. Puerto del Mar, Nueva Valencia
A 34-hectare of nature-favored domain; has three coves, a picnic center called The Mooring Cleat, beach cottages, convention hall, conference and game hall gift shop, recreation and sports complex; offers a variety of activities for tourists and vacationists such as swimming, picnicking, snorkeling, sailboating or island touring.

4. Isla Naburot, Sinapsapan, Jordan
Island has rich colorful marine life, visible and exotic sealife; special berth for lovers; tranquil hideaway for soothing tense nerves; has 8 native styled cottages; ideal for fishing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, island hopping and scuba diving.

5. Raymen Beach Cottages, Alubihod, Nueva Valencia
Long stretch of shoreline, white sand beach and crystal clear water; ideal for swimming, sunbathing.

6. Baras Beach Resort, Bgy. Lawi, Jordan
White sand beaches ideal for swimming, boating and windsurfing; offers a hidden lagoon.

7. Colmenares Mountain Beach Resort, Bgy. Hoskyn, Jordan
Has a conference hall for seminars/conferences; has picnic huts and swimming pool.

8. Villa Encarnacion Mountain Resort, Bgy. Zaldivar, Buenavista
Swimming pool; topmost part offers a commanding view of the whole place.

9. Free Land Beach Cottages, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia
Ideal for swimming, sunbathing.

10. Shann Beach Huts, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia
Ideal for picnics and excursions.

11. Enrico Beach, Zaldivar, Buenavista
Stretch of white sand beach; abundant supply of cool spring water.

12. Sunrise Beach, San Enrique, Buenavista
One-hectare beach with picnic huts and cottages.

13. Tiniguiban Islet (Pulang Pasayan), Igang, Nueva Valencia
A haven of scuba divers.

14. Natagong Beach Resort, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
A stretch of milky white sand beach.

15. Rumagangrang Beach , Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia
Offers a clean beach and coves.

16. Paradise Cove, Sinapsapan, Jordan
Has a beach house and beach hut..

17. Tatlong Pulo, Tando Area
Unisan Island : some of the diving sites in Guimaras.

18. Macopo Falls, Balcon Falls, Ambacan Falls, Sadsad Falls: waterfalls in Guimaras.

19. Villa Fe Daliran Cave, Catilaran Cave, Suli Cave: the famous caves in Guimaras.

20. Roca Encantada, Buenavista
Summer house of the Lopez family built in 1910 on top of a huge rock.

21. Lopezville, Buenavista
A panoramic vacation house of the Lopez family; offers a picturesque view of Iloilo City.

22. Good Shepherd's Fold Academy, Buenavista
45-hectare orphanage; offers high school, vocational training, practical arts and sciences; built in 1946.

23. Mango Plantations.
The island province has more than 50,000 fruit bearing mango trees. Has 3 major plantations: Oro Verde, Buenavista; Southern Orchard, Jordan; Guimaras Tree Farm, Buenavista.


1. Trappist Monastery
12 kms. from Jordan Wharf; founded bya group of American monks in 1972; orchard grows assorted tropical fruits;has an interesting souvenir shop.

2. Bala-an Bukid Shrine
Located on top of the Bundulan Pointat Bgy. Hoskyn, Jordan; pilgrimage site for Catholics every first of Mayand Holy Week.

3. Navalas Church
A historical church built in idyllic coastof Bgy. Navalas, Buenavista in 1880; has served as a refuge for the localsin times of distress.

4. Ang Pagtaltal sa Guimaras
A holy lenten presentation stagedon the hillside of Jordan every Good Friday.