Guitar Gear 101

Welcome to Guitar Gear 101. I'd like for members of this group t...o share and exchange your experiences, information and news about the wide ranging topics of all things concerning Guitar Gear including; Acoustic,Electric,Synthesizer, Digital, Real or Virtual Guitars, Plectrums, Strings, Straps, Pickups, Pots, Tuners, Bridges, Wood, Design and Construction, Cables, Plugs, Volume Pedals, Wahs, Fuzz, Overdrives, Distortion, EQ, Compressors, Analog and Digital Delays and Modulation Pedals, Amps, Tubes, Speakers, Cabs, related Mic'ing and Recording techniques and gear and and and..... well you get it. So let let's begin and let it flow. I'd also like to add that all my own opinions and observations stated here are from my gathered and ongoing experiences and not necessarily claims of being the gospel truth. Cheers everyone! :)

Best Regards

Randolf Arriola

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