The Romanian guitar Foundation features several major events:

>>The International Guitar Festival Sinaia România;

>>The Young Guitarists Festival "Eduard Pamfil", in Bucharest;
“Mihail Jora”;

>>The contest “Guitar Masters”, realized together with the Populat Art Preservation Center and the Foundation of Romanian critics and musicologists “Mihail Jora”;

>>Guitar recitals and concerts (at the Radio Hall, at the George Enescu Philharmonic in Bucharest, or the Philharmonics in Arad, Brasov, Ploiesti, and others);

>>Releasing of the CD collection “Best of Sinaia” and other recordings of Romanian guitarists;

>>International master classes and guitar tutorials;

>>International master classes and guitar tutorials; Romanian guitarists at various festivals overseas;

>>Instruments and other accesories acquisition for young Romanian Guitarists;

>>Set up radio and television programs broadcasted in the country or abroad, focusing on the classical gui tar and its music;

>>Symposiums, forums, conferences and presenta tions of the Romanian Guitar movement in the country and abroad.

The main event managed by the Romanian Guitar Foundation is the International Guitar Festival Sinaia, Romania.


Prof. Liviu Georgescu

President of Honor
Gheorghe Tudorie

General Secretary
Mariana Georgescu

Members of Honor from abroad:
John W. Duarte (England)
Abel Carlevaro (Uruguay)
Costas Cotsiolis (Greece)
Carlo Marchione (Italy)
Costin Canellis Olier (Israel)
Ioana Gandrabur (Canada)
Gerhard Reichenbach
Duo Melis –Susana Prieto & Alexis Muzurakis

Members of Honor from Romania:
Petre Codreanu
Dumitru Capoianu
Olga Daescu
Catalin Stefanescu-Patrascu
Constantin Stanciu
Nicolae Epureanu
Constantin Andrei
Corneliu Voicescu
Gheorghe Petrovan
Eugen Mang