Gurgaon Circle of Moms

Gurgaon Circle of Moms is for every Mom who have the spirit to lend a hand to another Mom!

Lets make our group useful & in reach to every mom & mompreneur who has aspirations in life to do best in life in terms of family,relations & career....

Some key points:

1.Suggestions are always welcome from members to improve the group to make it more useful & productive for each one of us.

2.Add all your Gurgaon friends & relatives to widen the reach.

3.Share your experiences,important information,achievements which makes every mom part of it.

4.Mompreneurs can advertise twice a month - First & Fifteenth day of the month with a nominal charge...Send your advertisement request at [email protected]

5.Bramds/company cannot be added to the group as a separate identity.

4.No spam advertisement or abuse allowed.

5.Any irrelevant post will be deleted without prior notice.

6.Pls. feel free to leave the group if found irrelevant to your interest.

We hope GCM will make you feel more connected with Moms in Gurgaon!!!