Gurgaon Photography Club

Thanks for Joining GPC Before Posting Please Read General Expectations of Club and please Adhere to them.

GPC is a group of people with interest and passion about photography. Primarily this group is for beginner and amateur photographers or people having photography as hobby who want to learn for free through mutual sharing of knowledge, however experienced and professional photographer are also a part of Our Club.

Who Can Join: Any One Who Loves Photography and has a Point and Shoot or Good Quality Mobile (With Camera) and DSLR or Point and Shoot Camera Can Join No Age Bar

Main objective of the group is learning through sharing…. We will be conducting events / talks as below:-

• Discussion sessions on photography basics, techniques etc
• Discussion sessions on post processing tools & techniques
• Photo walk sessions and Workshops Tours

GPC (Gurgaon Photographers Club) rules, Do’s and Don’ts are as below:

1. Post only your own, original work any Copied work if found is liable to be deleted from the post and ban on member found doing so. Making personal Visits and events on Group Wall is strictly prohibited, however with the permission of admins.

2. EXIF details of the photograph is an information useful for others for their learning. Please share at least basic EXIF details like camera, lens, and settings used with the picture for learning of others and feedback.

3. Participate in the discussions on the forum if you have something to share on that particular subject/topic. Any personal Event/s or parallel Events Comprising of Members of GPC will be treated as undesired and this is STRICTLY prohibited.

4. Refrain from tagging people for the sake of getting their attention if they do not feature in the picture. Only those people to be tagged who feature in the photograph.

5. Refrain from general comments and promoting your own pages on group wall which add no value to the knowledge of the group.

6. Group is for learning and sharing, do not use it to promote your commercial interests.

7. Decency and decorum to be maintained at high level.

8. Do not post Nudist photographs and material. It is an art but it may hurt some people in general, hence it’s a NO.

9. Copyright violation/infringement is not tolerable and member will be removed from group in such case.

10. This group does not Welcome Promotional Advertisements posts with web links pages with Web Links these links will be removed deleted after warning or without warning also.

11. Any Derogatory Comments or Nudity or any post hurting sentiments of any community or Wall Posts are liable for Expulsion without Notice and Punishable US Section 66A of IPC kindly keep in mind to not to hurt any ones feeling.

12. Please do not make your our Albums and post on wall only.

Welcome once again in the group, have great time !!!

Sanjiv Kumar
Gurgaon Photographers Club (GPC)