Gurgaon Wholesale Bazaar

Welcome To Famous "Gurgaon Wholesale Bazaar".

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Delhi Deals Group's aims and objectives are to provide link, platform, support, encourage, advice,
introduce and promote businessmen of the world interested to do business in Gurgaon.


To maintain decorum, Justification, discipline and respectful environment in the Group, the members should follow the following rules:

1. No more than 4 posts per day.
2. No donation request post.
3. No on-line money making scheme.
4. No posting of advertisement on others post.
5. No post other than the objective of the Group.
6. No sexual, racial, religious, political, violent and
Abuse remarks.
7. No event post without permission by Admin.
8. Any seller found "cheating" someone with a false claim or promise - shall be banned.

Any post or comment against the above rules will be removed.

Those who would repeatedly ignore the above rule or rules will be blocked without any prior notice.

Thank you