Guruji was born at Dugri in sangrur district of Punjab on July 7,1952, [ (MOTHER) MATA SURJEET KAUR JI AND (FATHER) PITA MAST RAM JI ] since childhood he had supernaturals powers and his classmates often witnessed that he would fill empty ink pens by just touching them with finger. As time passed by this parents also realized that he was not an ordinary human being but GOD Himself.At times people saw him at two places at the same time. During the course of his physical journey He stayed at Jalandhar, Chandhigarh, Punchkula, Delhi and Mumbai. When Guruji returned to Delhi in1995 He was in s block greater kailash part 1. At that time Guruji would bless his sangat by dipping his rudraksh mala in water and turning it to Amrit,curing their diseases and illness.From there He moved to Empire Estateon MG road,which is now reffered to Chota Mandir ,During his stay there Guruji got the Bada Mandir constructed which now houses His samadhi.Guruji often said that incoming years this place would become a major Teerath Sthal where people would come and seek his blessings.Guruji took Mahasmadhi on May 31st 2007.

Guruji drishti was enough to remove the negativity that surrounded us . Anyone and everyone who went to his sharan was blessed despite his or her bad past sins or bad karmas.

Guruji lives in our heart and governs our inner conscience so that we can't do anything wrong.

There is nothing complicated about Guruji's Darbar . While the sangat would take place melodious hymns and shabads were played which pacified the listeners.His vibrations and blessings would pass through the shabad kirtan that flowed. At times the answers of sangat would be obtained from them ,The blessings were distributed in the form of chai prashad and langar prashad.

Guruji seldom produced sachkhand ka prashad which would be distributed in the sangat to bless them . Guruji never gave any pravachans but taught everything particularly

Though Guruji has left physical presense ,yet his powers have multiplied . He is omnipresent . Guruji blesses through dreams and visions are not mere or superficial level but are his darshans.

BADE MANDIR ------ Near Sawan Public School, Bhati Mines., Chhatarpur Road., Regency Farms, Asola, New Delhi, DL 110074 >>>>is open for sangat on Monday 8a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Thursday to Sunday 6.30p.m. to 10.30 p.m.. Chai prashad and langar prashad is served on these days.