The GUT'S Gallery Photoroot - Fine Art Photography


The GUT'S gallery is not just a FB feed. We are a real gallery curating and forming emerging artists into the authors of collectable arts.


We believe the photography has lost a bit of its position of being perceived as a piece of art. There are so many pictures, so many photographers, but so less photography artists.


Our aim is to let the values of a good light and a composition together with an artist perspective to form the pictures that are worth being exposed in the galleries and collected again as the valuable art pieces.

Who is to participate?

Those who feel to be an artist performing it using the camera to provide us with its collections.
Those, who as a large, wide public audience can enjoy and appreciate the art we curate.

The GUT'S gallery digest

is a regular FB photography group, basically curated to provide a large scope of photography across the commonly known categories.
Invited photographers are welcome to post as many pictures as wanted. The quality is the limit and we may not allow all of them to be displayed. Should it happen to you, do not take it personally. Just post another one. Once you were accepted to the feed, we believe you have got much to offer.

Please do not try to post the pictures of your family, sunrise, sunset or any other type of kytsch. Case you feel its not an ordinary one, just post it. Remember, it is not the picture that makes you an artist. Its your way of thinking.

We ask you all to kindly accept our curator and do not get offended case we don't post your pic.

The GUT'S FB Page

is the first exposition step for chosen pics, but also basically dedicated to the gallery activities. Case you are chosen, you will be notified and ask to provide the picture with no border. Also a watermark or copyright made with sense - small and non affecting the picture. You may also be asked to do an interview for us.


Yes, there are proper GUT'S gallery pages being built that will do what GUT'S has been doing so far, only offline: to expose the found talents to the world.

Blog and a zine are ongoing too.


Case the picture you posted did not appear within 24 hrs, it is because we deleted it. We can not provide the reason for al of you right away, but still, we will answer if you ask personally.

The most frequent reasons are:
- not a considerable art photography
- kytsch
- over-edited photos - those where it is clear the photo would mean nothing without too much of edit.