Guyana photographers

We are a discussion page for Guyanese photographers & persons interested in photography. We believe in sharing knowledge and techniques to improve ourselves and each other, and the quality and standard of photography in and of Guyana.

By asking for or accepting admittance as a member to the group you agree to comply with our Guidelines; these are:

Try to limit yourself to 3 photo posts in any 24hour period (exceptions are made for images from Photo Walks and are specified in those cases)
Post in the existing categories/albums (or suggest a new category/album to the Group Admins for creation if the current categories do not seem to fit). Please DO NOT post photos directly to the wall nor do NOT create Albums of your own.
Any photograph uploaded by a member MUST be their own work, we do not look kindly on copyright infringement or theft! (allowances are made when using photographs as examples, but the source must be stated in such cases)
When commenting, be respectful of others, foul and abusive language will not be tolerated.
Blatant advertising of products/services will not be tolerated, there is a folder for these types of images, they should be Photography related.

We also have organised "photo walks" where we go as a group to an agreed location, take photos, learn from each other, and generally have fun.

We hope you enjoy the contributions of the group members, and look forward to posting your own contributions. (Also, please remember, If anyone sees something they like and want to "use", please ask permission of the owner.)

Thank you.
Have fun :)