Gwalior is a city in Madhya Pradesh in India. At the heart of Gwalior is its fortress (Gwalior Fort), built by Raja Man Singh Tomar. There are many impressive sculptures. The images are in five main groups.. Sculptures adorn the utmost part of temple. Teli Ka Mandir has distinct pattern which integrates a Dravidian roof with Indo-Aryan decorations .Man Singh Palace also known as the Chit Mandir or Painted Palace is ornated by paintings of ducks, peacocks and elephants. The other palaces are Karan Palace or Kirti Mandir, Jehangir Mahal and Shan Jahan Mahal. The palace has a large tank Jauhar Kund where the Rajput women of the harem carried out mass sati or self-immolation after the Raja was defeated in battle in 1232. Jai vilas Palace, close to the heart of the city; patterned on the palace of versatile, combining Tuscan, Italian and Corinthian styles of architecture. Tomb of Rani Lakshamibai , a famous freedom fighter, at Phoolbag area