Gulf War Medical Centre Veterans UK

Gulf War Medical Centre Veterans UK is a central place for Veterans to source information on medical matters or to ask questions regarding their health with other Veterans, who may or may not be able to help but can give support and guidance if needed.

For all Veterans to have the assurance that privacy and data protection is upheld by all its Members on any matter discussed within the Group.

Veterans can sometimes find it easier to talk to another Veteran about health issues because they most likely have had experience of such matters or going through a similar ordeal in their own lives. Health matters and discussions taking place within the Group can only be viewed by its Members. The Group will always remain a Closed Group, to support Members privacy at all times.

GWMCV UK covers all medical matters and research available, surrounding Gulf War Syndrome, including the various tests and treatment available to assist Veterans on their personal paths to find a diagnosis or the relevant treatment available.

GWMCV UK Members can invite other Veterans to join and Admin Members will approve the request.
Wives, Husbands & Partners of Gulf War Veterans may also request to join the Group because they play an important role in the Veterans Well Being.
However, it would greatly assist Admin if the Veteran/s can inform them of the invite so that approval can be given to join the Group.

All Gulf War Medical Centre Veterans UK members are able to add information, documents and website links related to Gulf War Syndrome.

Should any Member find comments posted offensive in any way, then please let the Admin Team aware.