Horses for sale Queensland only :)

Can all members NEW and OLD please read the Site Rules doc and like to acknowledge they have read it. Admin will be enforcing these rules. Ads will be removed and repeat offenders will be removed.

This group is now for advertising horses for sale/wanted only. Due to the large number of members we have opened a sister site for all horses related gear for sale, join it here

Please be honest in your ads, no dodgy sellers or buyers, no personal attacks... Best of luck if you have any problems feel free to send an email to one of the group Admins. Here is the new format for adds:

ADMIN have discussed the relevant info needed for stressfree buying and selling. We aim to make this a pleasant experince for everybody. We are now asking you to 'copy and paste' this template and fill it in as necessary to save a lot of unnecessary hassle...thanks for your help in this :)

* Name -
* Breed -
* Rego (if applic) -
* Sire/Dam (if applic)
* Age -
* Sex -
* Height -
* Rider suitablilty -
* Education -
* Location -
* other notes -
* Price -

thanks for helping give this a try.....

Admin would like to advise that we are in no way responsible for the posts on this site. It is up to the purchases to ensure that they get what they are told they are getting. Disputes should be taken up with the buyer/seller not with admin.