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This is the all-inclusive hackathons group.
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Post things the community will find valuable. Links to hackathons and blog posts/press about hackathons are heavily encouraged.

This is an inclusive group. Post in ways that empower minorities, break down stereotypes, and encourage everyone in HH to enjoy hackathons and hackathon culture. If posts are irrelevant, low quality, offensive, or endorsing illegal activities, they will be removed.

This community has diverse opinions. Even if you disagree with someone, refrain from personal attacks. Read Paul Graham of Y Combinator on disagreeing well: http://www.paulgraham.com/disagree.html

Respect the privacy of others - remove confidential information from all posts. Cyberbullying is not allowed.

Do not link to tabloids such as Valleywag. Cite the original source instead.

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/** CODA **/

Here’s to the hackers. The tinkerers. The makers. The ones who create things quickly. While some may see them as sleep-deprived loons, we see dedication. Because the students who are crazy enough to think they can make something awesome in just 36 hours, are the ones who do.