Hackathon Hackers EU

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“A hacker is someone who loves to program or enjoys playful cleverness, or a combination of the two. The act of engaging in activities (such as programming or other media) in a spirit of playfulness and exploration is termed hacking.”

HH:EU is the group for current or aspiring EU-based student hackers to meet, chat, learn and build together. This group is for anything and everything of interest to the EU hacker scene, whether that be working together to plan a hackathon, organising a team for an upcoming event, showing off your project, or a cool bit of tech news.

Please be patient, courteous and non-discriminatory to your fellow hackers, DBAD rules apply.

European subgroup of Global HH group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hackathonhackers/

No job postings allowed in this group. Please post in HH Freelance (http://bit.ly/hhfreelance) or HH Job Listings (http://bit.ly/hhhires) instead. If you're looking for work, join those groups.

If somebody misunderstands what hacking is (e.g. "How do I hack a Facebook account?"), please patiently explain to them what we mean by hacking and ask if they'd like to learn how to code.

If you're thinking of attending or organising a hackday, sign http://hackdaymanifesto.com/ and lend your support to ensuring hackathon quality.