Hacking secrets

Rules to be followed here otherwise
permanent ban. No excuses will be
1:- people can post for adding
themselves , BUT are not allowed to
post any PHOTOS (nude or not) ,
only a post..
2:- NO abusing allowed here, If any
member caught abusing here will be
immediately BANNED..
3:- If any member found giving
tricks and taking something in
return will be BANNED , We tried
our best to provide free tricks..
4:- Hackers , Cheaters , Scammers
will be banned ON THE SPOT , also
no leverage will be given to him/
5:- If any member found
SPAMMING in comments will also be
banned as that is not allowed here..
6:- Fake accounts will be BANNED
ON THE SPOT , Especially a girl's
fake account.
If you find anyone doing anything
which is not allowed here please
mention any of the admins or give a
screenshot so we can ban him/her..
Alternatively , you can message the
admins with the post link where any
of the above rules is being broken..
We always listen to everyone..
Alternatively , you can report the
harassing post to the admin via
We will delete it within minutes..
(1) If any member is banned and
wants to come back in the group he
must contact any of the admins , For
more help and questions contact the

Please respect
N follow rules ;-)