Happily Single women's group

This group is for women only - NOT men.

The Happily Single Women's Group has been created as a place for single women to connect with each other and talk about issues that we face as we "fly solo" through life - the types of things that we genereally can't talk about with others.

"Single" is often defined using words such as solo or alone. Sometimes it's even called unmarried, divorced, widowed or even quirkyalone. I'd like to add my own words to describe being a "single woman" - words such as free, unencumbered, uncommitted, unlimited, independant, unimpeded, autonomous and emancipated. These all sound great, however society is often geared towards couples ... maybe our friends get a partner or get married and/or have kids and slowly drift away .... singles are often left to feel like "left overs", even though there are plenty of us!!!

Join our group and meet others in the same position. We're building this Facebook community to exchange ideas and along the way you'll make new friends who can relate to everything you say!

Please note - membership is required to be approved by the moderator whenever she is next online. It goes without saying that the group is not open to men or even women seeking anything other that friendship.

This private Facebook group has 5 rules -

#1 - No outright religion
#2 - No outright politics
#3 - No outright advertising
#4 - No rudeness or harrassment of other group members
#5 - No men!!