Lanarkshire breastfeeding support baby and toddler follow on group

come along to our Lanarkshire breastfeeding support/follow on baby and toddler friendly group at happydays softplay, sessions are tuesday 10-12 and thursday 10-12 and 12-2. we have a reduced rate for group members which is £1 per child over 1yr per session. Half of the mummies have finished breastfeeding now as children ofcourse grow up! so we do not shut our doors to those who have finished, struggled or couldn't feed themselves even though they wanted to!. Some breastfeeding groups are only available to you while you are still feeding but we find that the way to encourage and promote breastfeeding is to invite all new, old and pregnant mummies to come along to show them how natural it is and that there is always help if your having a tough time! Mostly its an opportunity to meet other mums and dads, have a cuppa and let their kids play. There will be at least one NHS volunteer breastfeeding support worker there throughout the day sometimes 2-3 so theres plenty of advise if you so wish.