Hawaii Sportsmen's Alliance

Hawaii Sportsmen's Alliance is made up of individuals who value the hunting, fishing, and gathering resources of Hawaii.

Conservation of our resources in the future will require work, new ideas, and initiative to preserve both our native and non-native resources. Here it is not to neglect one for another but to understand that we must live in nature and find a way to balance our needs with our environment.

The "sportsmen" does not mean hunting, fishing, or gathering is a "sport" like baseball, basketball, or any other organized sport. With sportsmen, there is no competition between people. It simply means a "sporting approach" that acknowledges man's place as the apex predator with technology and the need to limit ourselves in the application of this technology so as to give the animals a fair chance for escape. It also recognizes that man must work to find the balance between their needs and the means to conserve our environment. That we must "give back" and understand it is only when we "give" can "take" be sustained.

Early in America's history sportsmen like Theodore Roosevelt, George Bird Grinnel and Aldo Leopold blazed a path of wildlife conservation that affords us today the public opportunities to hunt, fish, gather, and recreate in our wild spaces. It will be important that sportsmen never forget their history and continue to uphold a conservation and land ethic into the future.

Hunting, fishing, and gathering will not stay with us without work. It is contingent upon each and every one of us to do our part to ensure the future of outdoor connection stay with us for many more years to come.

Group Rules:
Profanity, disrespect, and useless criticism will not be tolerated. Use your better judgment.

Members may post photos of successful hunts or fishing trips provided :
1. They are conducted lawfully.
2. Utmost respect is given toward the harvest.
3. It is understood that our continued success is contingent upon each and every one of us working to protect hunting and fishing. Simply going hunting or fishing is not enough.

Members may also add others they feel would be interested.

Members may post questions, comments, or ideas and seek group feedback.

It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that members seek opportunities or volunteer for conservation projects and anything relating to promoting ethical fair chase hunting or fishing.

Some videos I would encourage all our group members to watch and know by heart.