Know Thy Heritage

Welcome to KTH! HCEF’s “Know Thy Heritage” is an annual leadership program developed to preserve the Arab Palestinian heritage, and highlight the important location of Palestine as part of the Holy Land by connecting youth of Palestinian ancestry, who live in the United States and else where, with their roots in Palestine.

To achieve the goal of the program, HCEF created the mission and vision, and will manage and develop the program with the moral and financial support and partnership of institutions, such as the Bank of Palestine, and various other institutions and individuals. Several others, institutions and individuals, have been invited to support this program in this same capacity.

HCEF and partners decided to launch a pilot project in the summer of 2011 for 33 Palestinian-American youth, currently living in the United States, to “Explore & Live Palestine” for three weeks. The experience transformed their lives. In 2012, the program expanded to include 40 youth from the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and France. The program continues to grow to include other Palestinian youth who live in other parts of the world.