Heart and Soul Connections

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The Heart and Soul Community is about connection, having fun, and living an adventurous life. Get the newsletter and updates at http://www.AmethystMahoney.com/


If you feel you cannot be bothered to read the rules or follow the rules, please remove yourself now.

***Don't spam or post promotions.***

Ask questions and create community. Don't just post memes or inspirational quotes. Tell us WHY you are posting something.


Feel free to participate any day, or post your own questions and comments to the wall.

MONDAY MOTIVATION - What are you committing to this week? What makes your life squee-worthy and make you want to do back-flips of awesomeness? Let us know so we can get inspired and get 'er done.

TAROT AND DIVINITY TUESDAY - Woo-woo in overdrive: post about all things intuitive and psychic. Ask questions, post a card, reveal a new spread you love, tell us about your latest message or deck or how your great-great-grandmother just paid you a visit.

SUPPORT AND PROMOTION WEDNESDAY - Ask for support, share what you love, and ask us to promote your stuff. We don't promote to one another in this group. Be sure to read the instructions and learn what REAL networking is.

CONNECTION THURSDAY - Let's connect on other Social Media sites. There will be instructions on which site we are focusing on each Thursday. Join in the ones that make sense for you.

CELEBRATION FRIDAY - It's time to take stock of what you accomplished this week. What did you learn this week, and what might you do differently in the future? Everyone's accomplishments and lessons are helpful. We're here to support you and remind you of how far you've come!

SASSY SATURDAY - Let your hair down and post anything you want except promotions. Keep it funny, and we'll be laughing all weekend!

SPIRITUAL SUNDAY - Share your beliefs, questions, and deep thoughts you're having. Share poems, prayers, meditations, and other ways that you connect with the Divine.


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