Heartland Community Church

Official community site for Heartland Community Church.

We appreciate you being a part of the community on this Heartland GROUP page. This particular site is reserved for PRAYER REQUESTS, REPORTS OF ANSWERED PRAYER, COMMENTS ABOUT RECENT MESSAGES, etc.

Every community--in order to function well--requires rules. Please know that the following types of comments will be deleted:

~ Self-promotion, such as links to personal blogs, websites, etc.
~ Items for sale or needed
~ Professional services offered or needed
~ Requests for donations or money
~ Spam of any kind
~ Insults to others who have posted comments
~ Anything else that we deem inappropriate content

If a comment is deleted, please consider that deletion a warning. Those who persist in posting comments that are in violation of this policy will be banned from the GROUP.

Heartland believes that this Facebook GROUP is an effective means of giving you the opportunity of CONNECTING with others within our Heartland "family." Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.