Heavens Hello-Spiritual Connection through Orbs, Images and Apparition

This is a peaceful place of caring , sharing and revealing images and messages from loved ones in spirit through photographs... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ((((( Everyone))))) I want to clarify a few things about this group ... this is not a "paranormal" group-it's not about "catching or hunting ghosts" and we don't deal with lower vibration entities as in demons ... it is about the supernatural, the Divine and the love shared from those in God's Love and Light... there is no negativity in or from the Light-and none will be tolerated here... It's about learning to connect to loved ones in Spirit and the many ways and signs they use to communicate...it's about "learning to see" as your spiritual eyes open.. and being sensitive to those who are just beginning to learn or are grieving... If you are here trying to reconcile what I teach and show here with paranormal guidelines you may have read- you will have a very difficult time-much of what you have read does not apply and goes right out the window here..so when you come here- come with an open mind and an open heart as you learn that most of what would be dismissed as explainable by skeptics or paranormal groups as dust, lensflare,moisture etc is really Spirit's way of saying- take a closer look ♥ The difference between a skeptic and a believer is ... a believer doesn't quit before the miracle ♥

If my description of the group does not resonate within you as "home" -then you should move on to another group ♥