Books For Sale (HELP University College)

Books For Sale (HELP University)

Ever wondered how to buy 2nd hand books without looking at HELP University's Notice Boards?

Ever wondered how to get the most updated list of 2nd hand books in HELP University?


Ever wondered how to save up your money by buying 2nd hand books?

Books For Sale (B.F.S) is here to provide you this FREE platform to solve your problems.

Instead of posting your sale notification at the notice boards, you can post the books that you would like to sell or buy here. You can now SAVE UP your TIME and MONEY by posting/listing it here. What are you waiting for? POST IT NOW!!!

You are just a click away =)

1) Book For Sale does NOT welcome SPAMMER!
2) You are NOT ALLOW to post NON-BOOKS RELATED activities/trading.
3) Moderator(s) reserved the rights to delete your post.