Help for Serbia Flood Victims Dog lovers and Dog breeders

By purchasing unique DOG LOVER item in our online auction, you are helping endangered dog breeders and dog owners in flooded Serbia.
At this moment, the biggest flood in last two centuries hits the country of Serbia. Almost a third of a land is under water.
Many dog lovers and breeders are in great danger. They did not want to leave their homes without dogs, despite the fact that themselves where in great danger of fast rising water. We try to provide them with food and medicine for dogs. But we're running out of funds. This group was formed temporarily while there is a need for help. Unfortunately, after the withdrawal of water all of them will still need help to recover and to get on with they lives to be able to support their dogs . We will be there to help them. Be you too ! Help your friends who did not want to leave dogs .
We will regularly inform you, through this group, where and to whom your help is successfully delivered.
Sandra Sij and Stefan Rosteco Dimitrijevic