This is a platform for all HEMSHEELITES, the term used everywher...e on this group and all associated pages and groups for all current students and the alumni of the HEM SHEELA MODEL SCHOOL, Durgapur. It's not just another Facebook group, have discussions threads after threads, it's like an extended family. Many of the members never knew each other at all, but have now become the best of friends. The group has always been very healthy on the social network with alumni all over the world joining in with their valuable inputs by posts and comments.

These non-profit online facilities may not be used to defame the integrity of the school and its authorities in any means. On the other side of the coin, profanity shall not be tolerated. The main AIM of this group is to share our thoughts, opinions, feelings, experiences; related our past, present and future. It's all about our school, 'which' LOVES us, and we too love the whole family. Abuses and racial discrimination of any sort won't be tolerated at all either. All troll posts are to be avoided and if needed will be posted as comments on a special troll thread present in the group.

This is to keep the school in our surroundings, as we slowly slide away from everything and get busy with our lives ultimately; the school which made us laugh, which made us cry, which witnessed us grow and always played a vital role in making us -- to what we are!!

in short this is just an ode to the place where we learnt to live and learnt what life is ahead of us. So, all the people out there -- ONE, TWO, THREE ._._._._..__

Life is all about thinking out of the box,

-- Sonam (Admin)

P.S.: Applications are invited for the 'post' of moderators. So, irrespective of being of any color, any cast, any religion; I would be overwhelmed to see messages in my inbox from the future admins of this group. Here is my profile link: http://www.facebook.com/sonam.cmi Cheerio! :)