Hermitage Online Neighborhood Watch

Welcome to Hermitage Online Neighborhood Watch (Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fight Crime).


* This group should NOT be used to initially report crimes in progress or dangerous situations. Call the Metro Police first at 862-8600 (non-emergency), or 911 (emergencies only).

* This is a fully independent, privately-run ONLINE neighborhood watch group. We are not affiliated with any law enforcement organization, emergency services orgination, or any other neighborhood watch initiative, online or offline. Also, we are not lawyers and we are not a court.


The purpose of Hermitage Online Neighborhood Watch is to provide a public forum in which Hermitage residents may post "heads up" notices about: a) suspicious and/or criminal activity that poses a potential threat to the community, and b) situations of mass-inconvenience, such as major traffic tie-ups, power outages, approaching tornadoes, icy road conditions, etc.

Hermitage Online Neighborhood Watch is NOT a vigilante organization. We do NOT confront or challenge criminals or suspicious persons. Our job is only to observe and report.

Our interest is in helping our neighbors to not become VICTIMS of crime or mass inconvenience. That having been said, we are NOT a criminal's rights group or criminal advocacy organization. Moreover, we are interested in protecting and advocating for potential VICTIMS by alerting our neighbors to suspicious activity, reporting such activity to the police, and in general, trying to prevent crime whenever possible and making it easier to catch criminals.


- Please keep messages on topic. Unless a message deals with a potential community criminal threat, or a problem of mass inconvenience, it is off-topic and doesn't belong here.

- No advertising of any kind is permitted in this group, unless it involves a government-organized event OR a group-sanctioned event.

- No trolling (posting rude, abraisive, or inflammatory remarks for the purpose of drawing attention to one's self, or to stir up trouble).

- No personal attacks against others.

- No posts that encourage illegal or questionable activities.

- We are a serious group, working with real-life problems. Please... no "joke" posts, goofy pictures, or the like. This isn't the place for that.

- No drama. If you feel the need to argue with another member, please feel free to do so via private message, and not on here.


The mention, whether directly or indirectly, of a person or group, regardless of the context in which said mention is made, does NOT establish a presumption of guilt, and shall not be construed as such. Information posted to Hermitage Online Neighborhood Watch is neither guaranteed nor warranted as to timeliness or accuracy, and should not be construed as authoritative or compelling. Have a great day.