International Hernia Collaboration

This is an international platform for all surgeons, healthcare providers, and industry friends interested in the repair of hernia and optimizing outcomes to come together to collaborate, share, discuss, post photos, post videos, and simply post anything related to the disease of hernia. By embracing social media as a collaborative forum, we can more effectively and transparently obtain immediate global feedback that in turn has potential to improve both patient outcomes as well as the quality of care we provide. This is a private group, and posts will always be held to the highest standards available. All members wishing to join are vetted. Posts will be professional, and inappropriate posts and posts that violate USA HIPAA compliance rules will be deleted. The posts are part of a social forum, and comments are individual opinions. Anyone seeing these posts should avoid interpreting the posts as standard of care or as final medical advice. Patients who might see these posts should always consult their own doctor, not these posts, for all specific medical questions and decisions.