The Art of High-Ticket Selling

This group is about one thing and one thing only.


If you want to know what it REALLY takes to sell your products, workshops, programs and services for $3,000 - $10,000 or more...'re in the right place.

The admins of this group all work for a company called Clients on Demand, started by Russ Ruffino in 2014. We exist to help you make consistent, high-ticket sales, WHILE enjoying more freedom and feeling great about what you do.

This group has just 2 rules:
1. No promotional posting whatsoever.
2. No bashing - please be cool and keep discussions positive.

One more thing.

Being shy doesn't work when selling high-ticket, so understand that the purpose of this group is two-fold.

First, we're going to have a very valuable conversation about selling high-ticket. You will learn more just by hanging out in here than you have in the last $2000 program you bought.

Second, we believe our programs are the best in the world. Especially Clients on Demand University.

Every once in awhile, we will be sharing info about our programs. If this turns you off, you are definitely in the wrong place.

To learn more about our model, here's a video training series that will walk you through EXACTLY how we empower our clients to do 6-figures per month in high-ticket sales: