floyd, Hillsville And Galax yardsale

Ok people time to change it up I've nixed the auction part of the page and decided if you want to sell on here like any yard sale page does then feel free to post just be nice , no rude comments ,no pets whatsoever and if someone's interested first please check with them first and get them to comment on the page not message this way everyone knows who,was first in line thanks and happy selling.
Also no shows are not appreciated as it wastes time and money so I'm only gonna give 1 warning for no show then you will be removed from the group, any other problems just let me know thanks and again best of luck.
OBO means or best offer
OBRO means or best reasonable offer
I so means is someone offering / or in search of
Wtt means want to trade
Wts means want to sell
Just in case someone sees these somewhere and doesn't know what they mean