Hip Donelson

The group connecting hip people in Donelson.

Our Mission

Connecting positive people for the well-being of Donelson, our neighborhoods, community organizations and local businesses.

Our Vision

Hip Donelson will be the conduit for community development, enrichment, safety
and education for all who call Donelson home.

We value…

Solutions over problems
Compassion over indifference
Progression over stagnation
Diversity over exclusion

This group is made for sharing ideas, news, supporting community events, and much more. We support our local businesses with Hip Donelson Supports Local events, promoting Donelson based businesses on this Facebook Group and through the sale of t-shirts and other promotional items sponsored by local businesses, where all proceeds go to our local non-profit organizations who serve our community.

Who are the hip people in Donelson? Simple. People who want to better our community, give back, and share life.

Hip Donelson cannot be all things to all people. So we have decided to be a positive environment for bettering Donelson. It does not mean there is not a place to voice your complaints... its just not here.

Please review our Terms of Service- http://www.hipdonelson.org/about/terms-of-service/

Hip Donelson Board of Directors:

Frank Trew, President
Teresa Campbell, Vice President
Marylee Locey, Secretary
Maggie Sidlinger, Treasurer
Naomi Regensburg, Director
Stuart Kuperstock, Director
Diane McNamara, Esq, Director
Tanis Westbrooks, Director

Advisory / Honorary Board Members:
Andrew Bradley, Founder
Jeff Syracuse, Founder

Visit our website for more information: www.hipdonelson.com

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Hip Donelson is a tax exempt organization under IRS code 501(c) 6. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes but contributions from businesses may be deducted as business expenses as allowed by the law.