Hello and welcome

1. Respect one another. Respect everyone's race, sexual preference, religion, or lack thereof.

2. If you are going to leave the group,do it quietly (we do not want extra drama).

3. If you do not have anything positive to say, do not say it at all. (WE DO NOT tolerate bullies or bashing of other members).

4. We are a large group therefore we are open for healthy debates, but let's try to have respect for everyone.

5. NO Denialist/Dissident propaganda will be tolerated!!! You will be asked to remove it by administrators. If you do not remove it, it will be removed.

6. No one is above anyone! If you have any concerns, you can write me or one of the administrator team.

7. If you choose to block the administrators you will get removed (warning first)

8. We do not need anyone correcting spelling or grammar errors! Bear in mind there are people from all over the world and English might not be their first language.

9.Please do not ask for money from any of our members OR post things to sell here (such as art jewelry, other home based those for your personal Wall), those will be deleted!

10. Do not promote CURES, it will be deleted!!

11. This is NOT a dating site!

12.This is really not a rule,ask any question you like smile emoticon their is no good or bad question. We are all in a learning process smile emoticon

13. Please feed the bear smile emoticon wink emoticon

Basically our vision is of Love, networking,post yor blogs,vlogs,articles,interviews,stories,art...we are here to support each other..and we are very happy for you to share yor thoughts.

Remember we are not perfect and we are bound to make mistakes.

If you feel any other important rule should be added,write me smile emoticon