Holdin' Holden - THE GROUP!

Blogger, author, potty mouth, nearly insane stay at home mother with very little shame and absolutely no filter.
This is the group for my page, which Facebook is snuffing out like a porn gone wrong!
No matter what happens- my blog will remain, so read that mofo! And subscribe! http://holdinholden.com/

For now, this group will be used to redirect traffic back to my page (http://facebook.com/holdinholden)- in hopes that it will keep it thriving, but with how insanely my reach has reduced in less than a week, I'm not hopeful that pages will be viable for much longer. I'm also not incredibly confident in groups, so I WELCOME you to send a friend request to this account, or just hit "follow"!

Rules? Meehhhh- just no drama. Seriously. None. Please. For the love of all that is holy. I have no tolerance for it. Thank you!