Home Business Marketplace: Promote Or Find Your Business Opportunity Here

Welcome to Home Business Marketplace!!

The primary purpose of this group is for its members to either promote or find a home-based business opportunity (although its members may also promote a product or service as well)

Just be warned though, this is NOT like the other home business groups!

As a matter of fact it is VERY different because I do NOT pin a post promoting my OWN opportunity although there is a pinned post of a document instead.

(I will be referring to this document as the “pinned post .doc”)

For those of you looking for a home-based business, the pinned post.doc will have a listing all of the business opportunities that have been posted to the group along with the name of the person promoting that opportunity.

For those of you posting your business opportunities to this group, I will go through ALL of your (approved) posts that have been posted within the 24 hour period between 5:00 PM EST one day until 5:00 PM EST the next and I will be adding your business opportunity to the pinned post.doc shortly afterward :)

(Eg: Posts done between 5:00PM Oct 6, 2014 and 5:00PM Oct 7, 2014 will be shared after 5:00PM Oct 7, 2014)

Pretty cool, huh?

All I ask is please do not post your business opportunity or opportunities more than once per 24 hours. Okay?

BTW, all posts must be approved by the admin and duplicate posts will be deleted

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this group!

Duane Palen

P.S. I have decided to stop sharing your posts for the time being because of the amount of time it took to do so. When I had a handful of posts in the beginning, it only took a few minutes and now that I have 50+ posts daily, it's not that easy anymore! LOL