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If you are a renter seeking a rental property, please use the following format when posting your search request:

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Type of Home (House, Apartment, Condo, Townhouse, Mobile Home, ANY)
Special Needs (Pets Allowed, Fenced Yard, 1st Floor Master, Etc.)

If you have a special circumstance, such as past evictions, poor credit, unpaid landlord debt, prior criminal convictions, etc. you are advised NOT to post that publicly. However, you should disclose this information to any prospective landlord, property manager, or real estate broker who reaches out to you in an effort to provide you with the housing you are seeking.

If you do not receive a response within 7-10 days, then you should review your request to be certain that the maximum rental rate for the size and location that you are seeking is reasonable and edit your post or re-post if necessary. The #1 reason people do not receive a response is a request for a rental rate below what landlords are willing to rent out their home for. The #2 reason people do not receive a response is because of alarming statements such as "NEED ASAP" without a reasonable explanation along with it.

Finally, if you do have a recent eviction, unpaid landlord debt, recent criminal convictions other than traffic violations, etc. then you may want to post a request for a sublet or a roommate arrangement if you are unable to find a landlord or property manager willing to rent to you. See More