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Options for Expats

There are three ways to obtain an employment visa for Hong Kong. Try to look for work before arriving in Hong Kong. The company is then responsible for sponsoring your visa and helping you with the application. It’s also their responsibility to prove that no local employee could fill the position.

The second option is to ask your current employer to transfer you to their branch office. This is probably the easiest way to take advantage of job opportunities in Hong Kong. Most expats choose this way if they want to work there.

The third option is trickier and not particularly recommended. You can travel on a visitor visa and investigate job opportunities in Hong Kong once you’re there. However, you have a limited time frame and limited resources. Moreover, as mentioned above, employers will not agree to sponsor you unless there are no locals for a vacancy. It’s up to you to prove you are worth being sponsored. While this option is not advisable, there are a few bold expats who have found employment in this way.

Job Search Strategies

Without an employment visa and any knowledge of Cantonese, it can be difficult to tap into job opportunities in Hong Kong. Although English is widespread in the business world, many companies may insist that you be able to speak Cantonese. If your Cantonese is less than perfect, you may be luckier with expat-run businesses.

You should definitely get acquainted with the economy before looking into job opportunities in Hong Kong. Here are some good resources:
•The Wall Street Journal Asia provides extensive coverage of business news from Greater China. It also features a career section.
•The South China Morning Post is among Hong Kong’s biggest English papers. In addition to local business news, it has classified ads with plenty of job advertisements listed.
•Another big English newspaper is The Standard, with its dedicated finance section. Although its employment market is rather small, it still offers some job opportunities in Hong Kong.
•The Hong Kong Commercial Daily is a Chinese-language broadsheet with a business focus.
•Ta Kung Pao is the oldest Chinese newspaper. It can be especially helpful for expats with Chinese language skills.