Houston Texas Models and Photographers

This group is not just for models and photographers. We would also like MUAs, hair stylists, clothing designers working or showing in the Houston Texas area. If you know of someone in these professions not on the list PLEASE ADD THEM!

Marketing, Sales and all event promoters, picture collectors, or those sending spam mail will be removed!

I would like to clarify how people should think of this group.

We want professionals who actually work show and perform their profession in Houston, Texas.

If you have worked in this area and are from outside the Houston Metro area state in on your profile.

People need to actually state on their profile what they do; photogs model, Mua, video etc. I don't care how many professionals you know it doesn't make you one of them.

If your profile is new please make sure you add all local and professional contacts. What typically happens is scammers mine names of models and photographer for scams, picture collectors and use in foreign countries that don't honor US copyright laws. Typically they have no contacts or only business contacts on and use new profiles to attempt enter this site.

There are several Model and photography sites in the Houston area with literally thousands of folks in them. I would like to keep this site about the professions.

Peace and stellar images Admin Spence!