How Big Is Your Why ?

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How Big Is Your why was created to build momentum in your life. Every mentally healthy human being has a natural desire to be, do and have more. Unfortunately, unless we get clear on our motives to be, do and have we will eventually give up on our dreams and never reach our potential.

There is greatness in each of us. The one universe permeates and fills us with it's unlimited and infinite power. Once we realize that this power is our very essence we can step out in complete faith an accomplish whatever we desire.

By creating a BIG why, we build fire and unleash the infinite inside ourselves. The creator wants to express itself from within to without. This group will allow the members to share there why's at the same time influence others to build their why each day, giving them hope and strength in overcoming adversity.

Your why, if big enough will enable persistence and discipline. Your why, if big enough will guarantee your success in whatever it is you desire to accomplish. To feed your motive is either to feed your faith or to feed your fear.

Your why is the reason you do what you do, who you become and what you achieve.

You can become unstoppable, with a BIG enough why.

Start DIGGING inside and find the real acres of diamonds, that are your whys.

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