Tips how to build muscle and get ripped

This group is for people who want help and advice on how to build muscle and how to get ripped. I am not a qualified personal trainer nor do I have any qualification from the fitness industry. What I do have is 15 years of training under my belt and have made just about every mistake in the book which was finally corrected through trial and error. I am still learning to this very day trying to constantly improve my body. Any training advice you read in here you should check with a qualified trainer or your doctor if it's to do with diet as I like I said I am not qualified at all.

I want my mistakes and experience to save you from years of wasting your own time. Every day I get frustrated repeating myself to people wanting help and advice so this has prompted me to put it all down here on a social group where people can access it any time they want.

This group is not for financial gain, and simply to help others. Any bad mouthing, jealousy or critical comments to people will be instantly removed. What I don't want is some qualified PT joining shooting down the community as he is disgruntled he can't get a decent enough clientele.

I would like everyone to be highly complimentary of other members and help and inspire them on whatever journey they are taking. If you yourself have got in decent shape then share with others your diet and training.