With Love And Selfless Service We Can Save The World

this is a discussion group for collecting information about problems in the world and to collect practical ideas in how to bring in changes that could help to make our world a better place.
My concern is:
the power-obsessed people who have the power to create big damage with genetic manipulation, financial corruption and technology like HAARP. They can bring up indescribably disaster. They use very well there Intelligence in astonishingly ignorant ways and are incredibly well organized.

Im speaking of the 1% those representatives of human race, who are inconceivably in there greediness for wealth and power. They know all the weakness of the laws, use that for there benefit and they have the power to issue laws that will give them even more power and control over the destiny of humanity. For them it dosen t matter at all what circumstances they create for coming generations and what consequences our children and the childrens of our children have to bear. HAAP and genetic manipulation are only the most obvious once we know that can be of indescribable disaster if something goes wrong or into the wrong direction.

What dose this mean to you? Is it better to ignore this and to give them thereby total freedom to do everything that they wish to do? Or should one spread more information that may create more fear and hopelessness but might inspire some and motivate them for active and passive resistance? what is your opinion on this? What prevention can we possibly take? Write any idea what is practical to do in bringing in changes for a better world in peace, love and harmony.