This group is dedicated to HR professionals. Here we discuss Human Resource Management related topics, jobs, latest trends, current events and also develop contacts.

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Any one posting NON HR related content or SELF PROMOTION without meaningful contribution will be PERMANENTLY BANNED & POST DELETED. There will be no second chance.

Warm welcome to all HR colleagues. Looking forward to meaningful discussions on HR and related topics. Please feel free to message me if you would like to connect directly.

I would request everyone to follow the guidelines below to avoid flags and being banned.
1. All HR and related discussions are encouraged
2. Only HR and related jobs may be posted
3. Please avoid self promotion or promotion
of job consultancies, service providers without providing any meaningful contribution.
4. Please do not have similar posts more than once

As the group grows, I would request those willing to volunteer as admins to reach out to me. The admins shall be responsible for adding new members and moderating posts.


Best Wishes - Moderator