hs healing & wellness center

Building Community and Wellness through Healing, Empowerment and Education. Cultivating personal growth through Holistic wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit!

We are a group of dedicated seekers to assist you on your path to peace and wholeness....

hs (heart & soul) healing & wellness center, donates the monthly proceeds after expenses to someone local who is in need.

We have expanded our center to include herbs, botanics, roots, incense, soy candles, essential oils, crystals, Seminars, Deep Yoga Meditation, Anti-Bullying Education, Self Defense classes, Yoga, Reiki for people and PETS, continuing Education, Breath Work, Body Work, Cancer support groups and many more healing and peaceful events...we offer a variety of teas, herbs, roots and berries. Tart Cherry, Aloe Juice and water as well as lifepak and lifepak nano for adults and teens, and jungamals for kids.

Please join our Angel Squad. Every purchase of angel wings goes towards helping an ill child. They depend on us to help. If you are blessed with healthy children and grandchildren, please keep us in mind.....God Bless!!!!!

EVERY purchase benefits a local family who is in need.

We always laugh, cry, smile and hug at hs healing & wellness center...new friendships and blessings every day!!!!

Join us in this great movement of loving life and being in the moment! Happiness is contagious!!!!

Remember...together we WILL make a difference!!!!


Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Friday 9:30 am to 6 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 5 pm

3109 W Jefferson Street
Joliet, IL 60435