Hyderabad Foodies

This is the FIRST food centric Hyderabad based community on Facebook. This is strictly about food - Of all kinds, tastes and shapes. Kindly share information about good places to eat and drink in Hyderabad. Good food is what is preferred.

Feel free to share your recipes, your food photos, experiences etc!! We would love to hear about them.
For any post just before posting,if you think is not correct to post and is irrelevant,then it may not be correct and so do not put such posts.
Any member can report the post or tag the Admins,for bringing it to our attention.If found unrelated the necessary action will be taken.

~We have frequent community food meets happening every one or other weekend at different eateries across city.We do not entertain/service alcohol in these community meets.

Regulations-Just for the love of Unadulterated Food-ism:

->"No repeatative Ad/Promotional posts encouraged..!!"
This is to get to notice of the food suppliers,including restaurants and business from home,not to post your products repeatedly.Once in a day or two should serve your purpose.If repeated posts shall be deleted without notice.If not followed,the further action will be taken up which may include banishment from group.
Same is applicable to direct postings of blog links.Better,putting them up in a comment on relevant posts will be appreciated.

->"Treat others same as you would want yourself to be..!! "
On social front, respect other foodies personal experience and observation as you would like yours to be.During any discussion on forum, DO avoid personal comments, remarks or abusive language.Even sarcasm can be offending for some, and all knowing the significance of peace while enjoying food we advice is to keep the environment calm and simple.If you feel it being necessary, in our opinion, take it offline and not on the group page.
The club is for sharing the 'Food-entertainment' and NOT your personal entertainment.

->"We believe in integrity and hope you too..!!"
As a standalone group any events or invites for/from different groups will not be entertained.We believe in integrity and hope any other group having their own platform, respect and believe in same.

->"What's your source..??"
In case if you are sharing some information or pictures from someone else's profile or blog or any other online location, do mention the Credits/ source URLs.If the pictures or post already have watermarks on them, the necessity diminishes.

->"Admin Rights..!!"
In the interest of group, Admins hold right to delete any post or comment which do not follow above notions or if found abusive/disrespectful to others.Intimation about the reason for posts/comments removal or bans among other possible scenarios is left to discretion of individual Admins.

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