Hyderabad Shopping

Hyderabad shopping group is a forum where buyers and sellers meet to interact. We hope to feature entrepreneurs and help the buyers to share their feedback. It is a forum where questions on availability quality will be answered by the discerning customers and shoppers.The posting of products,services and links on Hyderabad Shopping forum does not , in any shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of of any such posted material or parts therein.
Hyderabad Shopping cannot be held responsible/liable for the reliablity or content of the products and services mentioned in this forum.

Guidelines - Must Read
Don’t put your Facebook page for like or group information to join .
Put up a series of individual pictures/posts and clutter the whole space
Send friend request or inbox people asking to ‘like’/buy your product just
because they have shown interest in your product/service. If they are
interested they will contact you or ask you to inbox them.
Use FULL CAPS to promote your product or state your query
Paste about your product/service on unrelated posts
Share your mobile number on posts
Create a photo album if you have more than two pictures to upload. Ex –
Clothes – Kurtis
Add pictures/create posts about your products ONLY Once in a day
Add price and details of the product
Disclaimer – Hyderabad Shopping can’t be held liable for any bad experience you may have from products/services spoken about or advertised here. The group owner retains the right to remove, not accept, reject or ban any person on HS at her discretion.